Weapons are a primary neccesity for combat, yet only certain types can be used based on your class. The types of skills a player can use and their strenght are based on the weapons they are using. Here you can find all kinds of weapons and their base stats, meaning without upgrades or broken seals.

One Handed SwordsEdit

Can be equipped with a shield.
Usable by: Mercenarys, Guardian Swordsmen, Explorers, Snipers, Excavators

One handed swords, as the name suggests are swords that are held and used with one hand. A shield can be equipped with it to add more defense during combat. These swords are smaller than 2-H Swords and do less damage, however in comparison, they attack faster.

Two Handed SwordsEdit

Usable by: Mercenarys, Explorers, Gladiators, Saints, Priests, Shamans

Two handed swords are considerably bigger that 1-H Swords. In comparison to 1-H Swords, they have a higher damage rate and are slower to attack with.


Usable by: Saint, Priest, Shaman, Noble, Court Magician

Criads look like glowing gems floating in a characters hand. Their function can best be described as a wand.

The basic attack with a Criad is an orb of the same color shot at an enemy.


Usable by: All Classes
A dagger is a small sword that doesnt deal much damage but is mainly used for speed

Dual GunsEdit

Usable by: Explorer, Excavator

No description yet


Used by: Noble, Magic Knight,Court Magican,Mercenary,Gladiator,Gourdian Swordsman

No description yet.


Used by: Mercenary, Guardian Swordsman, Gladiator, Sniper

No descrption yet.


Used by: Mercenary, Guardian Swordsman

No description yet.

This isnt particularly a weapon, but IMO it serves more function that normal equipment and its sold in Weapon Shops, so I'm placing it here.