Start Npc: Claris

End Npc: Shaman Puck

Quest Level: 19

Objective: Kill 12 Strong Boarhead

Quest DescriptionEdit

I have a request for you from Shaman Puck at Larksdown. The request is this. 

Some time ago Strong Boarhead appeared in the front of Shaman Puck's house. Thorn Stone Lizard is not the problem because they don't attack us as long as we don't touch it. However Strong Boarhead is different. Shaman Puck is getting lots of demage and inconvenience by Strong Boarhead. If you don't mind, please go ahead and complete this request. 

Ah, and then, if you complete this request, go to Shanman Puck right away. Probably he will check the site and reward you. Then I will understand you will complete this request soon. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Strong Boarhead is at the Sunrise Hill. It will be quite difficult job. If you think it as an easy job, you will be harmed by it right at the site. 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

I couldn't get a sleep. And then, the worse thing was that Boarhead was making trouble. You eliminate them and I feel safe now. Thanks to you. Here is your reward. I am going to sleep again. I feel like I am going to wake up from nightmare though.