Start Npc: Ash

End Npc: Ash

Quest Level: 4 

Objective: Collect Old Bass Ships's Black Flag from Bloodsea Old Bass Ship

Collect Old Seahorse Ship's Black Flag from Bloodsea Old Bass Ship

Quest DescriptionEdit

Did you hear about the Pirates of Bloodsea? Although the Pirates of Black Dragon and the Pirates of Bloodsea are the same evil pirates, the Pirates of Bloodsea are more evil. The Pirates of Black Dragon prefer unconditioned and violent plundering. The Pirates of Bloodsea mainly use sudden attacks after concealment. In addition, the Pirates of Bloodsea mainly aim to property and commercial ship's cargo, request money for captured nobility or aim for valuable goods, weapons, etc. But in our position, both of them are dangerous.  Because the Pirates of Bloodsea do rarely appear, it is not easy to examine them. Therefore, I ask you to help me to do a basic survey on them. Fortunately, currently Old Bass Ships and Old Seahorse Ships of them are hanging around our sea area, so after sinking them to the ground, please collect their flags as evidence. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Well, while we are collecting evidence, I will submit a report to my lord. Take care! 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Good! These are pirate flags of the Pirates of Bloodsea. It looks more modern than these of the Pirates of Black Dragon.

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