Start Npc: Claris

End Npc: Claris

Quest Level: 1

Objective: Kill 5 Weak Fungi

The first battle is a level 1 quest given by Claris only to Mercenaries.

Quest DescriptionEdit

As I said, I'll give you the information about contents of a request. They says that monsters came down to the entrance of Roxbury village. Fortunately I heard they are 'Weak Fungi'. But even though they are weak monsters, it is uncomfortable for the villagers to move around there. So as not to be uncomfortable, I'd like you to hunt 'Weak Fungi'. 'Weak Fungi's post is the east gate of the village. Press 'M' key, and you can confirm the map of the entire village or relevant field. It will be convenient to find the way or destination. 'Weak Fungi' is a monster that you may hunt easily. So it is checking what you learned. If you get back after completing this request, I'll give some prize I promised. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Weak Fungis are east of the entrance to Roxbury. You can find them there easily 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Wonderful! Because of being weak but numerous, I think it is difficult to fulfill the request. Your future seems very hopeful! It is sufficient to give you his require.

Next Quest: The Owner of the Dockyard