Start Npc: Kitty

End Npc: Kitty

Quest Level: 17

Objective: Collect Tough Skinplants from Sturdy Skinplants

Quest DescriptionEdit

Huh? There are no Tough Skinplants in here. Ahh, oh no, I have asked Roderick many times and I can't believe he forgot about it. What am I talking about? When I requested to Roderick, I begged of him. Maybe he forgot about it. 

Actually we can't make the defensive suite just with the skin of Needle Lizards. There is some more to it. It is the Tough Skinplants from Sturdy Skinplants in Larksdowns. Not only is it difficult to gather with the thorns around it, it can turn into an useful material for protection with the sap of the grass. What can we do about him forgetting about it?

But, on the other hand, if you are a person who can bring me this leather, it wouldn't be quite difficult if I asked you for it, right? Please say yes. OK? 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Kitty is so happy living in such a great city with you and Roderick here with us.

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Yes, this are the exact plants!

This rough feeling and the unique smell of the plants…Did you get hurt while you were picking it up?

I am glad you are ok though.

Now I can make an excellent protection material with it. Thank you.

Previous Quest: Delivering the Leather