Start Npc: Claris

End Npc: Claris

Quest Level: 1

Objective: Have a conversation with Stephen.

The Owner of the Dockyard is a level 1 quest given by Claris only to mercenary's

Quest DescriptionEdit

There is a dockyard in the sougtheast of Roxbury. Mr. 'Stephen' is in there. For going to the sea from this, his help needs without reason. Of course whoever people live in this resign receive his help. He is the client for this work. I already introduced you, so you only need to go straight there. Don't worry about the request and handle without hesitation. Making acquaintance with him will give you several plus. Win his favor! Then you might go out go the sea at once. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

You may confirm Mr 'Stephen' lives in the southeast of the village. Take a look at the mini map and you will find the place easily. 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

I believe in the master. However, he sent me a beginner, not a specialist. Whew, I have no option but to believe in his intention.

Next Quest: Preperations for the Vast Sea