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The entrance to Tulach Dungeon

Tulach Dungeon is the dungeon of Magnel Island. A large, ancient underground shrine located in the very north of Castle Field, is in the main area for characters between levels 31 to 37 and a challenging environment that offers vast amounts of experience and treasures to the daring, but a swift death to the careless.

Tulach Dungeon is also the first multi-layered dungeon players will encounter on their journey, consisting of three floors/maps. Players will need to traverse the dungeon floors to gain access to the lower levels, but once there can bind to an Altar of Memory for direct access.

The 1st Floor of Tulach Edit

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The ground floor of Tulach, guarded in large amounts by animated objects and spirits that were captured and then corrupted by the Draug. Designed for players between level 31 and 33, it provides a preview of the greater dangers that await on the lower levels. Monsters

Name Level Type
40px Livre 31 Ranged
40px Stone Soldier 32 Melee
40px Strong Stone Soldier 33 Melee
40px Cow Merrow 32 Ranged
40px Little Merrow 33 Melee
40px Imp 33 Melee
40px Stone Sergeant 33 Melee


Name Level Type Skill
40px Callandra 33 Ranged -

The 1st Ground of Tulach Dungeon Edit

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Also known as the 1st basement, this is the second map and first underground level of Tulach. Here the player will encounter the masters of the dungeon, the Draug, for the first time, as well as some of their stronger guardians. Designed for players between 32 and 35.

The 2nd Basement of Tulach Dungeon Edit

The second and lowest level of Tulach, crawling with the highest-ranked members of the Draug and the strongest guardians. The dangers are many, and making it through alive is already a treasure by itself. Caters to players between level 35 and 38.

History Edit

The origins of Tulach trace back to the ancient people who preceded the current world of Florensia, the people the Noble Masquer call the "citizens of the Continent of Great Light". Tulach was constructed as a sort of a shrine or sanctuary where the Gods of those days were to be worshiped. At some point the ancient Florensians faded from history, as did Tulach Dungeon which was presumed to have been lost. Less than 200 years ago, however, the structure mysteriously re-appeared out of nowhere in Castle Field. The monsters called Draug gathered at it and rebuilt the temple, making it their home. They also caught every monster and plant they could come across and infused them with their dark magic, changing them into a weird forms (such as the Merrows). In other cases, evil spirits were summoned and made to possess inanimate objects, creating monsters such as the stone soldiers and carreg who roam Tulach now and guard it from intruders.

Trivia Edit

  • Tulach means "hell" or "underworld" in the ancient Florensian language.
  • It is later revealed that the Draug were also the reason behind the corruption and increased monster activity on Cardiff Island.