Start Npc: Tricia

End Npc: Willy Tin Whistle

Quest Level: 6

Objective: Deliver a package to Willy

Quest DescriptionEdit

Ah, there you are. Thank God you came, because something strange just happened and I was so confused and didn't know what to do. The following happened... The weather was so fine and I was dozing off, when a customer dropped something and left. I woke up after hearing the drop, and so I found this box. It was only written "To Willy" on the upperside. The problem is that I didn't had much work back then, but right afterwards I had to deal with some incoming products and got quite busy. I don't think I have time to hand this to Willy. So what I'm trying to say is... Could you go give this to Uncle Willy? Oops... Don't tell him that I called him "Uncle". He seemed to be quite sensitive about that. Well, then I'll count on you. I will certainly reward you. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Thank you. Yawn... Why am I feeling drowsy when I'm still busy... 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Ah, hello there. Huh? You came to see me? And what is this by the way?

Next Quest: Supply of a Strange Part