Start Npc: Lori

End Npc: Lori

Quest Level: 9

Objective: Collect 9 Devil Walker Bone's

Quest DescriptionEdit

Oh, dear! Was it Willy Tin Whistle, who made the Devil Walker Scarecrow? Oh my, what should I do? I didn't know that… Why, Willy.. If he had let the people know, that he'd make it, I, no wonder, wouldn't have spoiled it. And I wouldn't have had to inconvenience an adventurer. I feel so sorry about this. No doubt Willy is upset now. This note is almost torn by his angry writing. It said, that in order to make a new scarecrow, the bones of Devil Walkers and the manes of Hungry Wild Boars are needed, and he wants me to get the materials. I've never hunted wild monsters, um.......What should I do? I'm very sorry to ask you this kinda work, but would you gather some of the bones and manes for me? You can get them from hunting the animals. I will surely pay for your helping me. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Did you get everything? By the way, Willy still remembers, what I did, when I first came here. Nothing special……….. I cleared off all the oil over the guns.

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Thank you for your troubles. I'll get it delivered by myself for offending him. Here, I prepared small reward for you. Take it.

Previous Quest: Troubles