Start Npc: Ash

End Npc: Ash

Quest Level: 3

Objective: Kill 4 Black Dragon Scoutship and 3 Black Dragon Upgraded Scout Ship

Quest DescriptionEdit

Hmm, I am very anxious today, because I hear the number of pirates is increasing rapidly. After our Majesty, Gerhard and Captain Black Wenceslas disappeared together 5 years ago in the war of obsidian area, the pirates act freely and without any limits on the sea.  Of course, most pirates tend to be quite mild. Usually, pirates give us a strong impression that they are violent sea outlaws, but the pirates that I have known are very gentle and they are active only according to their own rule and principle.  Is it irony? How dare we could call them gentleman! Perhaps, I think that they are orthodox pirates, following the spirit of Captain Blacks' pirate ship fleet. Compared to them, the evil pirates, who are currently active in the sea in their own way, are very evil men.  Anyway because of them, it has made the newly activated seaborne trade difficult and it might go down again.  Hum, now, are you slowly getting used to controlling a ship fleet? Can I ask you for something? Would you please fight Scoutships of the Pirates of Black Dragon and their Upgraded Scoutships? Please help us in this cause. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Be careful! Although Scoutships and Upgraded Scoutships of the Pirates of Black Dragon have weak gun power, they like to hit and run. Be careful of their speed. 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Great! I had a good eye in trusting you. Thanks to your help, our commercial ships sent a message that they could arrive at Magnel Island without any attack. It is a total success because of you. In the future, I will ask more things like this job from now on. I hope you clearly showed these outlaws of the sea to never do such evil things again.