Saint Male

A male Saint

Being the voice of nature, they try to cure the injuries of the world. They can hear the voices of the spirits on earth and inherit love for every living creature.They can perfectly support their allies, but as well call upon the powers of light and darkness to destroy all evil. Their magic is based on their deep understanding of life.

The Saint can use his/her powers wearing a Dagger or the magical Cariad. At level 40, he/she can become a Priest or a Shaman.


A female saint

The Way Of The SaintEdit

The Saints own the power to listen and to respond to the sound of nature within every object. They can use the power of healing, they can even restore life and on the other hand, they are eligible to use the destructive powers of both magic of light and magic of darkness to help their companions. As these powers are limited, Saints should not use them to perform the first attack on an enemy, but they should rather save their powers to help endangered allies.

Nevertheless, they should never be underestimated and few parties can survive without them, as they can be valuable healers. To choose between the way of healing and supporting and the way of attacking is the primary choice in the lives of the Saints. Daggers and Cariads serve them as weapons.

The saints should not be underestimated for they are great fighters and invaluable allies. At higher levels they become priests and shamans.



The Saints have the highest Wisdom bonus in the game.