After building a Ship, one can go out sailing into the open sea and travel to other islands

Each boat can carry a certain amount of crew. Your crew cannot consist of other players, only the specified crew members obtainable by the Dock Master.


Boats can be navigated either by using the WASD keys or by clicking.

The WASD controls work as following:

  • W - Accelerate
  • A - Turn Left
  • S - Slow Down/Stop
  • D - Turn Right

Boats cannot move in reverse.

Although it takes while to increase speed, The travel speed is constant and wont change without being changed manually. Turns can only be done while the boat is in movement.


To be capable of combat, Ships must be armed with a weapon and ammo.

Cannons are added during the building of the ships, and Ammo is equipped by opening the boat's inventory.

To actually partake in combat once the requirements are met, players must press the Space key and their ranges will appear.

To attack a ship, make sure they are within your range, then using your mouse aim, and click to fire.

While in combat, you're capable of movement.


Crew members help to keep the ship maintained and man the cannons. They must be payed and fed or else their condition lowers.

When first setting sail, a player will automatically have a full crew, made up of the cheapest and least experienced Crew members. To change this, simply talk to the Dock Master, Enter Port, then customize your crew using the first button on the bottom right of the screen.