The Royal Army is a sub class available in Florensia. They can be identified by their Green user names. Users with Red names are Pirates, and users with White names are neutral.

Becoming a Member of the Royal ArmyEdit

A player can become a part of the Royal Army based on their actions inside a War Zone. Please note that actions inside a Free Battle Zone do not affect name colors. There is also no level or class restriction.

To become a part of the Royal Army, a player must kill monsters or pirates within a war zone.

The more monsters or pirates you kill, the greener your name becomes.

Reverting to Neutrality or Becoming a PirateEdit

The only known way to change a names color back to white is with the use of a Cash Mall Item.

To become a Pirate, a Royal Army Member must only kill another Royal army member and they will instantly get a Red name.