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The Town of Roxbury

Roxbury is the capital and main town of Cardiff Island, governed by Lord Lionel. The town carries many vital and basic goods including Armor and Weapons for players up to level 21. All players begin their journey here and will find a large number of quests to help them advance both on land and on sea, keeping them busy for a good amount of hours. The consecutive quest for the 100 Floors Tower is also obtained from Roxbury.

Map of the Area

Nearby AreasEdit

  • Weed Ridge [to the East] (Starting field for players level 1~14)
  • Larks' Downs [to the West] (Field for players level 14~21)


Lord-Governor of Cardiff

The Four Associations

  • Jaime (Master of Divine Association)
  • Claris (Master of the Mercenary Association)
  • Kyra (Master of the Explorer Association)
  • Roderick (Lord of the Noble Masquer)

Functional NPCs