Weak Nanani

Start Npc: Claris

End Npc: Kyra

Quest Level: 4

Objective: Kill 5 Weak Nanani

Restrict Nanani's Growth is a level 4 quest given by Claris to mercanary's only

Quest DescriptionEdit

Lately the villagers have been having trouble thanks to the Nanani's increase around the village. We reside in the village, so we have the duty to solve this problem. For this village we must do whatever it is. Thanks to this village, we are able to live safely. Now, go and show your ability. After your job is done, go to Kaira. Perhaps she'll give you a reward.

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Ah, my worries are deepining due to the increase of Nanani.

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Oh, you are the new mercanary that Claris has sent. what? Did you get rid of the Nanani? I am thankful to you. We also intended to eliminate them. Of course I'll give you a proper reward.