Start Npc: Ash

End Npc: Claudia

Quest Level: 11

Objective: Deliver the ship arrival and departure document to Claudia.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Oh! Claudia wants the ship arrival and departure document? Probably. The previous attack was quite scary. And, most of the leaving ships from here are going towards Magnel. So, Magnel must be very crowded now. Claudia must be very busy as well.  This document includes the information of the ships from Cardiff to Magnel and the goods, so it must be very useful to Claudia. I have a copy, so please deliver this document to Claudia. I feel bad that a person, who is in the same industry, is in trouble. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Hurry. Claudia's beautiful face may have wrinkles because of stress 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

After I recognized your ship, I did know that you would look out for me. The document that you have with you will be very useful. Thanks you.

Previous Quest: Research Ships in Magnel (1)