Start Npc: Ash

End Npc: Ash

Quest Level: 6

Objective:  Kill 6 Fierce Kimukeu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Recently, thanks to adventurers' help and the strong policy of our Lord, the activities of the Pirates of Black Dragon and the Pirates of Bloodsea have largely been reduced. But on the sea, monsters, which are just as dangerous as pirates, are still remaining. I mean monsters like Kimukeu. A Fierce Kimukeu’s huge pincers is dangerous enough to shake the whole ship by only one collision. Most of them mainly live on the shortest route on the way to Magnel. Some days ago, two ships were nearly broken from just one attack of a Kimukeu. Therefore, I discussed with Jeremiah, who is running a trade post, and as the result, we decided to offer a reward for an adventurer who hunts them. How about it? Why don’t you give it a try? 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

You can find Fierce Kimukeus on the shortest route connecting Cardiff and Magnel port. Just like Black Kimukeu, it is a monster that only attacks when it is close to you, so if you shoot it from a longer range, you can easily capture it. 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Excellent job! I heard that they are also removing Fierce Kimukeu in Magnel and we did reduce them quite much together. If we continue with it, trade activities will be kept active. Oh! Go to Jeremiah. He will pay you on this task. Also, you may hear about a strange place found recently.

Next Quest: The Sea of Bone