Start Npc: Claris

End Npc: Claris

Quest Level: 5

Objective: Read sea skill book and use sea skill point.

Quest DescriptionEdit

Sea skill is similar to ground skill you learned. First, open skill window (keyboard shortcut 'k') as before. Is two tabs shown? One is ground skills; the other is sea skill. Choose the sea skill tab this time. 

Sea skill book is in inventory. Learn sea skill as ground skill. Correctly Speaking, learning skills doesn't mean the use of skills. Do you remember that the use of skills is possible in case of skill point being invested. 

As you already knew, Sea skills and ground skills are not the same such as Lv. You can raise Ground level and skill only from the ground, and sea level and skill only from the sea. But as sea Lv rises, you can get ground 스텟 of point 1. Please keep in mind. 

Now then, let's raise sea skills and capacity. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

You can only invest skill points when you have purchased skill books and learned the skills. You can purchase such skill books for land and sea skills from me.

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

You learn quickly as I expected. I have a good sense of judgement. Now, go back to 'Stephen'.

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