Pirates are a sub class available in Florensia. They can be identified by their Red user names. Users with Green names are part of the Royal Army, and users with White names are neutral.

Becoming a PirateEdit

A player can become a pirate based on their actions inside a War Zone. Please note that actions inside a Free Battle Zone do not affect name colors.

To become a pirate, a player must kill players with green or white names within a war zone. There is no level or class restriction.

The more players you kill, the redder your name becomes.

If a pirate kills another pirate, there is no change in name color or reputation.

Reverting to Neutrality or Switching to the Royal ArmyEdit

If a player wants to change their name to Green, They must kill monsters within the war zone. For each shade of red, they must kill large numbers of monsters. Eventually, their names will get lighter until switching to green.

The amount of monsters a pirate must kill to revert depends on how many players they have killed as a pirate.

Currently, there is no known way to get a white name after having switched colors, other than by using a Cash Mall Item that reverts names to white.