Noble Male

A male Noble

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Their legacy is a wide range of mysterious powers from the ancients. They can use magic from the day on they are born. As they are the heirs of the forgotten civilization, they are seeking to know more about their ancestors.Although physically weak, their destructive powers are impressive.The Noble prefers to use the magical Cariad or a sharp Rapier for his/her spells. At level 40, he/she can become a Court Magician or a Magic Knight.

A female noble

The Way Of The NobleEdit

The sensitive Nobles are equipped with magical powers said to descend from the ancient time and people treat them as true aristocrats. Most of them are heritages of magically talented ancestors, but in rare cases, even babies from the ordinary people are born with magical powers. Nobles undergo an exclusive curriculum to train their magical abilities.

They can attack many enemies at the same time and confuse them by teleporting or seducing them to give their companions the chance to attack. They are beyond doubt very powerful, but to ensure free casting, they cannot wear heavy protection gear. True magicians manage to constantly attack while controlling their usage of mana. With their elegant clothes and the Rapier or Cariad in their hands, they attract everyone’s attention.



The Nobles have the highest Intelligence bonus in the game, making them the best offensive magic users. They have a very low luck and strength.