Turn your battle-scarred sword towards the enemies and lift the tough shield to protect your allies! Mercenaries seek the true significance of their existance through fighting and the clang of swords is sweet music in their ears.

They are natural leaders who don't hesitate to stand their ground while fighting for their beloved.

The Mercenary mostly uses Two-handed Swords or a One-handed Sword / Shield set. At level 40, he/she can become a Gladiator or a Guardian Swordsman.

Mercenary Female

A female Mercenary


A male mercenary

The Way Of The MercenaryEdit

Mercenaries lend their powers to the weak. Loyalty is one of their greatest qualities and they will never hesitate to stand for their allies. No other fighter can catch up with their bravery, their superior fitness and defense powers. With their spirits, they encourage and lead to victory. Thus empowered, they frighten their enemies with wild cries while causing lethal damage.

Intentionally attracting the opponents’ focus, they save their companions by using their own bodies to protect them. As they concentrate on melee combat, they are weak against magical attacks. To strengthen their defense powers, Mercenaries are armored with partial metal suits which still allow them to move freely. Armed with a heavy two-handed Sword or a one-handed Sword and a large shield, they fight at their very best.



The Mercenaries have the highest Constitution and Will bonus in the game making mercenaries good tanks and party leaders.