Magnel Island is the second of the four main islands, and an area for level 24~50 characters. It is an island rich in both history and dangers. Worth noting is that, unlike Cardiff Island, Magnel it is not a fully autonomous island: it is governed from a distance by Bergruen and as a result has maintained strong relations to the former and current main governing power in Florensia.

The capital of Magnel Island is Castle Hall.

History Edit

Though positioned relatively close to Cardiff, there could be no greater contrast between the two islands. Magnel Island was discovered long before Cardiff and was significantly larger in size, but a catastrophic volcanic eruption at some point destroyed over half of the island. Geologists discovered that the volcano is currently asleep, but told all of the inhabitants that it was completely extinct to prevent any future apprehension and panic. On occasion, the geologists do hear rumbling from the bottom of the volcano, and see visible signs of lava, so they suspect it could in fact erupt at any time.

Magnel Island also used to be a pirate headquarters, and the center of their activity in the region. When the Royal Navy launched its attack on the island the pirates were decimated after days of brutal fighting and the island was freed of their influence at last. The great fortress of Castle Hall was constructed on top of the ruins of the pirates' base both to serve as a warning to any leftover pirates and to provide a place from where the royal navy could easily keep watch for any pirate activity nearby -- a duty it continues to fulfill even in the present day.