Loading Lava plateau
The Lava Plateau is an volcanic region intended for players between level 40 and 50. It was added to the game during a later patch and adds numerous quests for players between the aforementioned levels, as well as alternatives to monster grinding in Gloshire. It also is the first map featuring PvP areas the players will encounter.

A dangerous region packed with monsters and enemy players, it is a challenging environment for those who recently advanced to their second class and are looking to prove themselves.

History Edit

Recently a passage was discovered near the Fire Wall in Castle Field. Explorers who ventured through were astonished to find that this passage seemingly led straight to the heart of massive volcano resting underneath Magnel Island. At the same time the passage was discovered, though, the volcano suddenly turned active again. Reports indicate that an evil force is at work deep within the volcano and the reason behind its sudden increase in activity. Hoping to prevent another cataclysmic eruption, which would mean the destruction of the island, the people of Magnel have turned to brave adventurers to spearhead the advance into the volcano and reach the cause of its recent activity before it is too late.

"Lawless" PvP Area - No rulesEdit

The areas marked in red on the map indicate lawless or pvp areas. In these areas you can attack people without asking them, just as they can attack you. If you are in a party you can not attack your party members. You can only buff your party members. And you can not buff someone who is not in your party, the skill will automatically reflect on you.

The channels with (nopvp) in their name are exempt from this rule. Players on those channels can grind in peace without fear of being attacked.