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The Larksdowns is a hilly plain located west of Roxbury. Having practiced their skills in Weedridge, players between levels 14 and 21 are sent here next to take on slightly more challenging tasks.

History Edit

Originally called "Skylarks Hill", this area once was a field where small and harmless animals until wild, savage animals unexpectedly came down from the mountainside, devastating the fields and the livestock. Creatures that had never been seen there before suddenly prowled the fields. A witness reported there were mysterious mushrooms and animals so violent that their behavior could no longer be compared to that of normal animals. The villagers believe that the monsters might come from the dangerous Fox Den in the mountain pass, however none of them has been courageous enough to confirm if their assumptions are true. The Four Associations however sense that the source of corruption that is spreading across Cardiff emanates deep from within Fox Den, and thus the player has to grow stronger and clear the way to the den first before engaging the dangers that lurk within.

Nearby Areas Edit

Mobs Edit

Nom Niv Type
40px Toads lvl Common
40px Mud Frogs lvl Common
40px Fat Mud Frogs lvl Common
40px Stone Lizards lvl Common
40px Speckled-Lizards lvl Common
40px Angry Speckled-Lizards lvl Common
40px Needle Lizards lvl Common
40px Boarhead lvl Common
40px Strong Boarhead lvl Common
40px Fragy lvl Common
40px Treant lvl Common
40px Sick Treant lvl Common
40px Rotten Treant lvl Common
40px Blackfoots lvl Common
40px Redfox lvl Common
40px Redfox Guard lvl Common
40px Sturdy Skinplants lvl Common
40px Polluted Skinplants lvl Common
40px Mandril 17 Boss
40px Bastard 19 Boss
40px Karigin 20 Boss
40px Silver Vixen 21 Boss