Jaime is Roxbury's Master of the Divine Association. All players who choose to play as Saints will find that their journey begins at this npc. He sells skillbooks for saint, shaman, and priest, as well as Sea combat and Common skill books.


Jaime offers many quests for the early career in both a saints and players in general, as well as late game quests.

As master of the Divine Association, Jaime has some quests that are for saints only:

Saint LandEdit

  • Investing Weedridge
  • Solving of Misunderstanding
  • Spirit's Silent Talk
  • Start of the Adventure (Activating Land Skills)
  • Start of the Adventure (Using quick slots)
  • Start of the Adventure (Shouldering Arms)
  • The first battle
  • The owner of the dockyard
  • Strange Fungi
  • Rotten Mushrooms
  • To a Safe Place
  • The Faith of the Village
  • Boar's threat
  • The Reason Birds Became Fierce
  • Tough Wild's madnes
  • Demon Valley
  • The essence of the devil
  • Mutated bat

Saint SeaEdit

  • Pirates of the sea (2)


  • The Shaman plagued by a nightmare (Level 1~10)
  • Drunken Monster
  • The Shaman plagued by a nightmare (Level 11~20)
  • pain of spirit
  • protecting Mineral
  • Crystal and the Decision 1
  • Crystal and the Decision 2
  • Delivering the Report
  • Continuing the Research
  • Polluted Skinplants
  • Reason of Corruption
  • To Magnel Island
  • dangerous Blackfoot
  • An Irreversible Way
  • Guardian of the Cave
  • Pieces of Memory
  • Sleeping SPirits
  • Endless End
  • Shadows of Change
  • Warning Letter
  • Werefox's identity.
  • Earth spirit's voice
  • Fear of living corpses
  • Living corpses' last
  • Black Wizard identity
  • Heal sick creatures.