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Quest DecriptionEdit

Cardiff Island was a lan, where all different lives lived in perfect balance.

Lately, the numbers of Dodo, a monster living in Weedridge, got larger. They even turned out being violent, and sometimes they come close to the village and attack civilians.

Thus the civilians started to hate the Dodo... the leader of the Roxbury Civilian Association, Blacksmith Mark, even insists on killing them all. As a member of the Divine Association, I cannot let them kill each other.

We need to contact the fairies, to know what happened to the Dodo. please go out and collect Little Dodo's Marrow.

Quest Incomplete DialogueEdit

The movements of the village people are mysterious. We have to do something about it.

Quest Complete DialogueEdit

Thanks you! Thanks to you, we will be able to contact the Dodo`s spirits. I hope the reason will come out as soon. Thank you for the hard work.

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