Start Npc: Claris

End Npc: Mark

Quest Level: 5

Objective: Have a conversation with Mark.

The Finding Duty is a level 5 quest given by Claris only to mercenary's

Quest DescriptionEdit

Ah ah, no need to be formal. Mercenary Association life only depends on the sword and shield. Dignity is something for Nobles or the armor trader. You know, that our country's name, Florensia means prosperity, right? The king has made a very good choice on selecting the name, after seeing only the sad songs left from the war rising up. But since the country has become big, there are lots of problems coming up. Everywhere you go, there are jobs easily to be found. We were worried, that unemployment will be a big issue. But right now it's not a problem for us to worry about. You also came at the right time.

Mark, the Blacksmith, is looking for a person. If you need a job, go and talk to him about it. If you leave a good impression, you will be able to get the job, since he is the president of Roxbury's Committee. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

You haven't left yet? We have a lot of jobs, but no time to fool around. 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

I haven't seen you here before. What do you want?

Next Quest: The Picky President