Have you seen this cat?

Start Npc: Lori

End Npc: Lori

Quest Level: 16

Objective: Find and escort Banguli back to Roxbury safely

Quest DescriptionEdit

I beg you please. I'm so worried about Banguli. She must be crying down in Larksdowns. Please bring her back! She's not familiar with other people than her owner. She might be somewhere near the water. She must be hungry and thirsty... I hope she's alright. Please help! 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

She must be somewhere near the water. Please keep her safe! 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Thank you for keeping her safe. She must be tired so I will have her get some sleep at home. If you open your personal store next time, I will put you on top pf the list. Hahaha!

Previous Quest: Bad Character Friend