Start Npc: Ash

End Npc: Ash

Quest Level: 5

Objective: Have a conversation with Rosemary

Quest DescriptionEdit

So you are the first time to Roxbury? Since I work in the arrival harbor, I know everything about this city. Feel free to ask me anything! The number of people living here, the taxes per year and the output per population? Hahaha... not that! Talk with the owner of the pub, Rosemary. You know the trade post where Jeremiah works, right? It's right next to it. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

I miss Anais... 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

We are the Devil and the Black Lamb~ Lalala.. Dear Lord! A customer. Hoho, Nice to see you. I'm Rosemary. Nice to meet you.

Next Quest: Duty Finished

Previous Quest: Strange Request