They solve all the mysteries in the world, resisting even the most terrifying storms and crossing the highest mountain ranges. Driven by their will to explore the world, they venture into the unknown.

With their swift movements and the ability to rapidly shoot their enemies even at far distances, they are valuable and sincere companions in battle.

The Explorer prefers to fight with Gun-type weapons, but he can also wield a Sword. At level 40, he can choose to become an Excavator or a Sniper.


A male explorer

Explorer Female

A female Explorer

The Way Of The ExplorerEdit

What is hidden on the unknown island spotted over the ocean? Is it an old temple, a forgotten city, an ancient heritage? It is the role of the Explorers to discover hidden mysteries all over the world. Compared to other classes, the Explorers have a distinct ability to find ancient treasures. Moreover, they possess the ability to quickly detect an enemy from a distance and to rapidly attack.

In fact, the Explorers need to rely on this ability, as they have weak defense powers and can’t equip heavy protection gear which would decrease their agility and their ability to move quietly. When being surrounded by enemies, the Explorers are in high danger due to their limited defense powers. Therefore, the Explorers prefer to use ranged weapons in combat, such as guns and a light one-handed sword for close combat.



The Explorers have the highest Strength, Dexterity and Will bonus in the game. This makes them a great group member. They have a very low constitution, and they have minimal defense. NOT a first time class, unless ready to buy a ton of extra healing powders.