Start Npc: Lori

End Npc: Jeremiah

Quest Level: 11

Objective: Take the account book to Jeremiah

Quest DescriptionEdit

Jeremiah sent you? Why? Oops!! I almost forgot. Hee hee... I put it right here but I forgot, because of all the customers. Here you are. Please tell Jeremiah that I'm really sorry. 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Ah... I'm getting more and more busy. It is tiresome but I wouldn't ask for more if my business runs as it is now everyday. 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Ah. Lori's account book. Let me see. Just as I expected. Lori has organized her book neatly in spite of her young age. Now! I'll give you the next job, since the account books are all here. Wait for a minute, please.

Next Quest: Paying Tax Properly

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