Start Npc: Tricia

End Npc: Jeremiah

Quest Level: 11

Objective: Deliver the account book to Jeremiah

Quest DescriptionEdit

Ah... The account book... We don't sell that, sir... Ah... Jeremiah sent you for it. Why didn't you say so. Excuse me? You did? Yes, I was dozing off but I still can hear everything you say... Here you go. Give this to him. I'm busy doing business... Yarn... 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

(Dozing off) 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Hmm... Let me see. Tricia's book is completely messed up as I expected. Ordinary people couldn't recognize what she has written half asleep. Only I can do this... Now, go get Lori's book.

Next Quest: Delivery of Jeremiah's Account Book (3)

Previous Quest: Delivery of Jeremiah's Account Book (1)