Start Npc: Kitty

End Npc: Kitty

Quest Level: 18

Objective: Collect 7 Redfox's Fur from Redfox

Quest DescriptionEdit

Phew... Why am I so busy? Business is important but I may pass out if I'm always busy like this.

However, what's important is that I'm running out of leather armours to provide all the customers. The reason is that the Redfoxes have become more violent than before, so it got more difficult to get them. Their fur and skin is softer and tougher than any other, so armours made out of them are sold at a higher price.

If you get me 4 Redfox's Fur I'll pay you. What do you say? 

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Redfoxes are in Larksdowns. You'll have to look for them carefully.

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Oh you're right on time. I just finished selling all the leather armours. I'll be able to make more with the ones you've brought. Thank you. Here's your reward.