There are 12 classes in Florensia, each with unique skills, stats and abilities. At level 40 you can do your job change, each class splits into one of two paths.

Classes differenciate users by the weapons and equipment they can use, the stats they must raise and above all, the unique skills each class can use. Each class can be categorized in ways such as Melee combat or Distance combat or Support class.

There are currently 12 classes, made up of the 4 beginning classes and the 8 available second classes. At level 40, a character is given two choices of what they can become for their second class. These are called "branches"

Below are all the classes currently available.


At level 40 they can become an Excavator or Sniper.

Explorers are the ranged class. They specialize in using guns, Rifles/shotguns and Dual Pistols. While also capable in using one-handed swords and two-handed swords, they lack enough skills to make them worthy weapon choices.


At level 40 they can become a Gladiator or Guardian Swordsman.

Mercenaries are a physical class specializing in melee attacks. They have both a great offense and a great defense.


At level 40, they can become a Court Magician or Magic Knight.

The Noble prefers to use the magical Cariad or a sharp Rapier for his spells.

Although physically weak, their destructive powers are impressive

A great class if you prefer using magic as your base attack.


At level 40, they can become a Priest or Shaman.

The Saint can use his/her powers wearing a Dagger or the magical Cariad.

They can perfectly support their allies, but as well call upon the powers of light and darkness to destroy all evil. Their magic is based on their deep understanding of life.