Castle Hall is a military fortress and sea port, the pride and capital city of Magnel Island. Commanding officers of the Royal Navy are sent over from Bergruen and stationed here on a rotation schedule, during which period they are to keep watch for any pirate activity and maintain direct command over the city and island itself. Due to this the majority of the population of Castle Hall consists of soldiers of the Royal Army and merchants engaged in army-related efforts.

As the main city on Magnel Island, players can find clothing, weapons and quests ranging from Level 20 to around Level 50. It's a very scenic city, built between two cliffs and over a river, leading out to the vast ocean.

History Edit


Map of the Area

After a devastating eruption of one of Magnel's many volcanoes, the inhabitants of Magnel fled to the ports, the only remaining landmarks. Afraid of another eruption, the people were fearful of settling down. Only those brave enough remained in the countryside -all of which were mostly pirates- and began to terrorize boats that passed Magnel.

People feared the pirates and their growing power, so they looked to General Harker of the Royal Navy, the most powerful commander, to rid of the rogues. Harker exterminated the pirates and established a city, Castle Hall, where the pirates' base had been. Castle Hall quickly became a navy post, observing the borders and blocking the pirates out from all communication.

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Lord-General of Magnel

  • Lord General Renfield

The Four Associations

  • Ross (Master of Divine Association)
  • Kent (Master of the Mercenary Association)
  • Crow (Master of the Explorer Association)
  • Lizzie (Lord of the Noble Masquer)

Functional NPCs

  • Angelo (Bank)
  • Jasmine (Bartender)
  • Pepper (Grocery Shop)
  • Patty (Armor Shop)
  • Geronimo (Weapon Shop)
  • Tanice (Blacksmith)
  • Lennon (Owner of the Trading Post)
  • Romilda (Personal Store Manager)
  • Groop (Owner of the Dockyard)
  • Claudia (Port Master)
  • Moccah (Guild Master)
  • Magnel Manager (Castle Hall HOW Manager)
  • Tower Master (Castle Hall Tower Entry)


  • Patrol Guard
  • Guard Royal Navy, Jason
  • Guard Royal Navy, Freddy
  • Guard Royal Navy, Damian
  • Guard Royal Navy, Chuck