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Castle Field is a large, open area adjacent to Castle Hall that serves as the main leveling ground for adventurers between levels 23 to 32. It used to be a massive garden belonging to Castle Hall in ancient times, but was overrun by monsters emerging from Tulach Dungeon at some point. Since then the garden has been unattended and the landscape altered by the many species who now call Castle Field their home.

Castle Field has two memory altars which can be bound and fast traveled to, as well some merchants in the south-east corner that sell supplies and offer a number of quests. There also is a small lawless area near the first altar in the middle where players can freely PvP if desired.

CF map

The map of Castle Field

Nearby AreasEdit



Name Level Type
40px Dead Bush 23 Melee
40px Dead Bush Warrior 23 Melee
40px Strong Dead Bush Warrior 24 Melee
40px Dead Bush Leader 25 Melee
40px Tiger Spider 26 Melee
40px Violent Tiger Spider 27 Melee
40px Raccoon Spider 25 Melee
40px Fierce Raccoon Spider 26 Melee
40px Hornet 27 Melee
40px Queen Hornet 28 Ranged
40px Violent Queen Hornet 29 Ranged
40px Lesser Imp 29 Melee
40px Quick Lesser Imp 30 Melee
40px Mighty 29 Melee
40px Varken 29 Melee
40px Small Reptile 30 Melee
40px Hungry Small Reptile 31 Melee
40px Reptile 31 Melee
40px Steel Scale Reptile 32 Melee

Elite/Named Monsters

Name Level Type Skill
40px Jerde 25 Melee Stun (4s)
40px Tiger Claw 28 Melee Poison
40px Empress 30 Ranged -