Cardiff Island is one of the four major islands in the Hoomanil Ocean. New adventurers between levels 1~23 start their journey here, and learn about the ways of life in the world of Florensia as they hone their skills in preparation for the day they set sail to explore the world beyond.

The capital of Cardiff is Roxbury.

History Edit

Cardiff, along with the other three major islands, used to belong to the same supercontinent of Luxplena during ancient times. After the Great Upheaval it became one of the four autonomous regions of Florensia and, now far away from the influence of Bergruen, began to develop it's own culture and way of living. Over time this translated to many of the ancestors of the present-day inhabitants of Cardiff adopting a lawless lifestyle and eventually turning to the pirate life: a period in Cardiff's history perhaps best marked by the birth of the cruel pirate lord Black Beard on the island and his reign of terror that followed for the years to come.

When the Royal Navy attacked most of the pirates fled the island or were defeated. The descendants of those who stayed behind turned to a new life style, one based on sea trade with the other islands, and now live in peace amidst the gentle waves and breezes of the surrounding ocean. While Cardiff is now regarded by many as the center of trade in the world, it is said that visitors are quick to notice that it's peoples have kept the same independent spirit and lust for adventure from their pirate days. Especially the residents of Exeter Island and Flandria Island used to say that the violent pirate blood is still pulsating through their veins.

"A large green island far in the east. The islanders live closely together in the small village of Roxbury, connected through their love for the beautiful and quiet ocean and the shared burden of their pirate past."

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