Map of Cardiff Abandoned Mine

Cardiff Abandoned Mine

The Cardiff Abandoned Mine is a dungeon for players between levels 12 and 16. It is the first dungeon the player will encounter in their travels. It can be accessed by walking the portal located at the end of the Oak Camp in Weedridge (A4/A5).

Many monsters reside inside, as well as several boss monsters. Due to this and the narrow space of the mining shafts players may find it difficult to explore.

Due to its distance from Roxbury players are advised to bind to one of the Altars of Memory inside and use Hearts of Wind to quickly move between the locations.

History Edit

Every man in Cardiff knows about the den which lies below the biggest mountain of the island. The den itself and the entrance are hidden and hard to find, but in contrary, the dungeon itself is deep and ample. Some even say the dungeon is spread below the whole island, although they hardly ever go inside.

Tales about a sea captain's treasure and about gold from the ancient kingdom hidden in the deepest corner of the den are well-known. Reckless fellers sometimes go there to find that gold, but those who return at all consider still being alive the greatest treasure of all.

Nearby Areas Edit

  • Weedridge (Starting field for players level 1~14)

Mobs Edit

Nom Niv Type
40px One-Eyed Bat lvl Common
40px Seeker Mole lvl Common
40px Miner Mole lvl Common
40px Carrier Mole lvl Common
40px Mad one-Eyed Bat lvl Common
40px Snake Statues lvl Common
40px Sound of Death lvl Boss
40px Supervisor Mole lvl Boss