Start Npc: Claris

End Npc: Lord Lionel

Quest Level: 15

Objective: Have a conversation with Lord Lionel

Quest DescriptionEdit

Dear God! I got no time to get rid of my dust, since everybody is looking for me. Marvin, the guard came here. The Lord was looking for you. It is uncommon that the owner of a castle directly calls you.

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

It feels good to get a confirmation of your ability, but getting famous too fast is not so good. Just by looking at Frand, the Magistri's Grand Master, we can tell. 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

Welcome. So are are the famous foreigner in my town currently? I heard you were from outside our island, but have involved in hunting monsters in Cardiff harder than any other person. How did I know it? Hahaha,I am the lord of this land. I have to know what is happening here. I will give something back for your passion and trust. Thanks for working for our village.

Next Quest: To the Navy Island