Start Npc: Ash

End Npc: Ash

Quest Level: 4

Objective: Deliver a report to Lord Lionel

Quest DescriptionEdit

Hum... something is strange. According to my survey, the Pirates of Black Dragon and the Pirates of Bloodsea seem to be related to the Pirate Association of Captain Black Wenceslas, who was one of the heroes in the past 5 years war. I cannot understand why they act so evil and violent. Especially since they were associated recently.  Anyway, this report is based on my collected data, so it is important.  Please bring it to our Lord, Lionel. I know that I should submit it by myself, but I don't have enough time for it yet, because the harbor is too busy.

Incomplete Quest DialogueEdit

Why did two of the commercial ships, which were supposed to arrive today, not arrive yet… were they attacked by monsters or pirates? The two ships were supposed to bring fresh fruits. Won't I be able to taste a delicious orange for a while? 

Complete Quest DialogueEdit

You bring Ash’s report. Let me see it. Mhhh… the conditions are turning worse. We should not overlook them anymore. Originally, the Pirates of Black Dragon had been subject to our inspection, but now the Pirates of Bloodsea have grown too much.  From now on, they are also subject to our inspection, as much as the Pirates of Black Dragon. We should not tolerate their activities anymore. It is time to take action. We should cooperate with Magnel Island. Thanks for your effort.

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