Land Bearbeiten

Start of the Adventure (Shouldering arms)

Start of the Adventure (Activating Land Skills)

Start of the Adventure (Registering Quick slots)

The first battle

The owner of the dockyard

Preparation for the huge sea

Strange Mushrooms

Help Request

A service for the repose of the deceased (Level 1~10)

Money disappearing (Level 1~10)

The Shaman plagued by a nightmare (Level 1~10)

Mushroom Collection

Nanani Removal

Continuing Cleaning

Work in Secret

The secret of territory operating expenses(1)

The secret of territory operating expenses(2)

The secret of territory operating expenses(3)

The secret of territory operating expenses(4)

Finds from the sea

Setting sails for departure

Wet Evidences

Wet Delivery

For Good Measures

Materials for Experiments

Recruiting Adventurers!

Strange Mushroom

Pirates of the sea (1)

How to get food

How to prepare food

Strange Customer

Supply of a Strange Part

Weird Errand

Unpaid Bill of Fury

Supply of Part, at last!

Super Powerful Affection Amplifier

See Bearbeiten

The first departure

Pirates of the sea (3)



lvl Quest Name NPC Exp Gelt
90 Frederic's Test Frederic 1,053,152 123,541
Secure the 1st Floor Jenoseu 1,153,598 137,855
Secure a Retreat Route Jenoseu 705,144 102,654
Spirit Investigation Alena 1,251,690 147,080
Line of Defense Brandon 1,367,911 151,267
In Pursuit of Knowledge Alena 755,325 122,678
Trust issues Andre 1,409,911 163,787
The Silent Hunter Garrod 1,602,911 177,984
Estate Mananger of Avery Kanye 1,653,735 182,122
Stabilize the Mansion Kanye 806,794 146,524
Venegeance Reincarnation den 1,733,678 192,035
The Reason for Revenge den 1,866,570 207,778
The Dish Best Served Cold den 1,998,231 215,123
Venegeance never sleeps den 856,711 166,767
The Alchemist's warning Orleans 2035231 220,188
The Mansion's Inflammatory Effects Orleans 2,103,598 230,226
Mystery Explorer Ark 2,256,789 240,103
Mystery Explorer Daron 2,306,789 245,107
No Pain No Gain Daron 2,366,789 250,178
Exquisite Creatures Shoebalcheu 2,406,781 255,177
Biomancer's Intimidation Shoebalcheu 2,466,999 260,127
Bearing the Burden Theodore 2,526,768 265,035
The Will Lives On Theodore 2,676,698 273,512
The Imprisonment Daron 956,389 206,791
Time for Indulgence Shoebalcheu 1,006,347 223,167
Good Old Days Theodore 1,101,178 256,478